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Yida CNC Precision Machinery --- YDPM --- is a CNC solution provider, with CNC lathes and milling machines at its core, and currently providing a suite of models of turning and milling machining centers, with varied tool holding and tool management options for both fixed and dynamic tools, single and dual spindles, automated systems including robotic arms, gantry loaders, parts catchers, bar loaders, and the latest in I.O.T. and A.I. technologies. Whatever your needs, we strive to design the solution that's right for you.

The Team

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奕達於2004年4月成立,至今事業版圖成長迅速,經銷體系遍佈全球五大洲,在全球化行銷為主軸的架構下,奕達積極培養團隊敏捷、專業、競合、樂於分享的員工特質,此外積極強化售後服務,迅速提供客戶滿易的方案,同時確保產品及技術的競爭力。 奕達精機自成立以來,已經陸續開發完成CNC 車床、臥式加工中心機等列產品,奕達相信唯有持續提昇高研發能力才能因應市場需求變化,近來更致力於複合機及廠設備的開發,期許研發技術與設計能力能逐步 趕上歐美日等先進。

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Our headquarters are located in Taichung (second largest city in Taiwan).

You can send us mail or visit us at the following address:
No. 41, Alley 68, Lane 357, Sec. 1, Sinan Rd.,
Wuri Dist., Taichung City, 41465, Taiwan.
Here's a map:
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check outYidaCNC on Google Maps.
You can also reach us, through email at
or a phone call:
Send us a fax at
or on any of the social media accounts we feature on
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This website.

This website was built by Antonio 書墨, using assets commissioned over the years by Yida. These assets include include copyrighted graphic design and photography, as well as publicly available assets such as social media icons by Freepik, freely available at www.flaticon.com, and varied web development tools such as GatsbyJS, Github, and Netlify. Please reach out to Antonio 書墨 if you have any questions about the site or about Yida, generally.

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