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The Phoenix Chair

Over the course of 2019 and 2020, Yida has embarked on a collaboration with Minofmeer Design, a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural studio based in Taiwan. The studio specializes in experimental and bespoke furniture, lighting, and conceptual pieces and for our collaboration we've imagined an office chair inspired by the comforting strength, warm beauty, and organic elegance of Yida's spirit animal which also gives it its name: the Phoenix.

This collector's piece is the first collaboration between Minofmeer and Yida of what will become a collection of limited-run pieces. The chair will be exhibited at various galleries and art shows as well as various industry shows where Yida will be present. In June, 2020, you can learn about the design process behind the Phoenix and get a close look at Minofmeer's other incredible pieces at their exhibition show "Functional Art: Process" at Taichung's Lei Gallery.

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