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New Guarding

Dear Friends,

At the heart of Yida’s brand is constant evolution and change, and often that means putting aside what’s worked before and replacing with the new. See that philosophy in action in the before & after pictures below which showcase the latest updates we’ve made to the splash guarding of various machine models across our main product lines: Turning Centers, Vertical Machining Centers, and Horizontal Machining Centers.

We added curves and brought back corners for a sleeker look. You’ll notice too the logo on these models is different. The official Yida logo features a detailed outline of a phoenix, presented with a gradient of warm red and orange hues. The logo we stuck on the machines for a time was a variation of this logo in a single, bold shade of red.

Unfortunately the finer details of the fiery bird’s silhouette would sometimes come unstuck from the machine guarding so we’ve replaced this with a rectangular-shaped version of our logo where all the empty background space of the logo is printed in instead of cut out.

Additionally, we further simplified the sticker by eliminating the phoenix entirely and using only our most recent logo consisting of a bright white script displaying ‘ydpm’ against a background of that same bold red.

We’re constantly revising our work at Yida and we’d like to know what you think of these recent changes. What do you think of this new sticker? The logo, the colors, and the letters alone instead of the phoenix outline?

Please, let us know what you think and what we can do better in an email, phone call, or through any of our social media channels.


Dr. Hank Pu, CEO hank@yidacnc.com

CNC Turning Centers

ML / BML series with X/Z axes

previous ML-560M
ML-560M door open ML-560M door closed Share!

ML / BML series with Y axis + Sub spindle)

previous BML600T
new BML600TY

Vertical Machining Centers

EV series

previous EV-860!
new EV-860!

MV / BMV series

previous MV-1100!
new MV-1100!

Horizontal Machining Centers

MH series

previous MH500!
MH400 Plus!