Precision Machinery

Hello World

This is a placeholder for a first actual post on this new blog!

Here I’m introducing this blog to the world and promising to write many more interesting things in the future.

This blog+site is built using Gatsby. The Gatsby tooling and ecosystem is great so I’m using Gatsby’s starter blog template as a starting point for this one.

One big reason for using this technology is the ease with which different colleagues can collaborate on a community-driven site. An example of this is the blogging system.

This post is composed using markdown, a friendly format that empowers even the least tech-savvy writer to, among other possibilities, include pictures, links to other pages, and tables, and to distinguish section headers, image captions, quotations, and code snippets from regular text --- all possible within a bare bones text editor through the use of sensible conventions around punctuation and spacing.

In addition to using markdown blog posts have a section called ‘front matter’ at the top of each file, where a blog post title and date can be specified or even a description of the blog post that can be used as a preview when linking to the blog post from other pages, or used for SEO and Open Graph purposes. If no description is added, the system will excerpt a section from the blog post.

The source file for this post , the Gatsby Documentation for Markdown Syntax and this overview and description of Markdown syntax from markdown developer John Gruber, are good places to learn more about markdown.

You can also reference the whole kitchen sink of markdown syntax with examples available at this Markdown guide.

A random elevator's ceiling