Precision Machinery

EV-860 & EV-1050

One Two Three

Do Re Mi

Machine SpecificationsEV-860EV-1050
Table Dimensions1000 × 6001200 × 600
Working Area860 × 6001050 × 600
T-SlotCD 100 × 18 × 5CD 100 × 18 × 5
Number of Work Tables11
Max. Loading Capacity600 kg800 kg
Travel Range
Machine SpecificationsEV-860EV-1050
Max. Travel Range of X/Y/Z axes860/600/610860/600/610
Distance from spindle nose to table surface (mm)120-730120-730
Distance from spindle center to column (mm)700700
Machine SpecificationsEV-860EV-1050
Spindle TaperISO No. 40ISO No. 40
Spindle bearing inner dia. (mm)Ø70Ø70
Spindle Speed (rpm)STD: 8,000 Belt-driven; OPT: 10,000/12,000/15,000STD: 8,000 Belt-driven; OPT: 10,000/12,000/15,000
Machine SpecificationsEV-860EV-1050
Feedrate of X/Y/Z (mm/min)1-10,0001-10,000
Slideways of X/Y/Z axesLinear GuidewayLinear Guideway
Rapid Traverse of X/Y/Z (mm/min)36/36/3036/36/30
Tool Magazine
Machine SpecificationsEV-860EV-1050
Tool Capacity (pcs)STD:24 ; OPT:30STD:24 ; OPT:30
Tool SelectionBi-directionBi-direction
Max. Tool Dia. × LengthØ 80 x 300Ø 80 x 300
Max. Tool Weight (kg)77
Tool ShankStd. BT40; Opt:CAT40, SK40,BBT40,HSK63AStd. BT40; Opt:CAT40, SK40,BBT40,HSK63A
Drive Motor
Machine SpecificationsEV-860EV-1050
Spindle Drive Motor (kW)STD:β12(11/15kw); OPT:α8(7.5/11);α12(11/15kw)STD:β12(11/15kw); OPT:α8(7.5/11);α12(11/15kw)
Servo motors of X/Y/Z-axis (kW)STD: β12/β12/β22(1.8/1.8/3kw); OPT: α12/α12/α22(3/3/4jkwSTD: β12/β12/β22(1.8/1.8/3kw); OPT: α12/α12/α22(3/3/4jkw
Coolant Motor1080(50Hz)/1620(60Hz)1080(50Hz)/1620(60Hz)
Chip Conveyor Motor200200
Machine SpecificationsEV-860EV-1050
Positioning (mm)±0.004±0.004
Repeatability (mm)±0.003±0.003
Machine SpecificationsEV-860EV-1050
Power Requirement380-415/220V 21KVA380-415/220V 21KVA
Floor area (L × W × H) (mm)3,105 x 2,611 x 2,8383,907 x 2,447 x 2,838
Packing Dimension (mm)3,670 x 2,280 x 2,5103,710 x 2,300 x 2,510
Net Weight (kg)5,9806,235
Gross Weight (kg)6,2706,510

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